Cutting Edge Training & Technique.
Keeping up with the latest trends, styles and techniques is a key part of the Richard Herrera Philosophy. Our goal is to provide each salon guest with stylists and colorist who are among the most well-trained artists in the industry. We achieve this goal in two ways.

(1) Newly hired technicians go through a rigorous cutting and coloring program that focuses on the Richard Herrera System of basics and advances techniques. This program involves weekly classes and working under the tutelage of senior stylists. It takes about nine months to a year to complete this training. Upon completion of the initial in-house training, trainees are promoted to stylists and may perform their skills for salon guests.

(2) All salon stylists continue to attend classes in cutting, coloring and styling techniques. Weekly coloring classes are taught by our in-house Color Director who has been trained by Goldwell Educators. Approximately 10 times per year advanced color classes taught by Goldwell Educators are attended. Our stylists also attend advanced cutting classes at the Sassoon Academy in Southern California and at the Goldwell Academy in Irvine, California.

Guests of Richard Herrera About Hair can be sure they are in the care of stylists who are excellently trained and among the most up-to-date in their craft.